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Anime Expo 2017/Anisong World Matsuri

This past week(end) I traveled to Los Angeles for AX2017 and more importantly the Anison World Matsuri event at AX. In line with my previous posts I’ll just recount my time there as I don’t think I can do it much justice in any other way. I originally did not intend on attending AX2017 because […]

Japan Trip Pt. 2 (June 3 – June 14)

Part 1: Let’s get back into it with Saturday, my plans for the entire day were the last stop of Hardcore Tano*C’s 2017 tour at WOMB in Shibuya. Due to not accounting for how long it actually takes to get to Shibuya through the Yamanote Line as well as accidentally taking an express train on […]

Japan Trip Pt. 1 (May 28 – June 2)

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a little while but I’ve honestly been so overwhelmed by the last month or so thanks to a ridiculous amount of events and generally just cool things that have happened. So during the last week of May I was finally able to go to Japan for the […]